Studies prove that CBD is helping dogs with arthritis?


Although few to minimal studies have been performed on humans with cannabidiol and arthritis, recent studies performed on our furry little friends are very promising for CBD helping dogs with similar arthritis found in humans. This research was led by a team at Baylor College of Medicine. Halpert and his colleges found that CBD was effective in reduced production of both inflammatory molecules and immune cells connected to arthritis. The data related to this conclusion was first performed by introducing CBD to both human and murine cells grown in the lab and in mouse models. They also found that CBD is both faster and more effective for arthritis when delivered encapsulated with liposomes. Liposomes can be used as a vehicle for administration of pharmaceutical drugs, phospholipid molecules formed artificially to help deliver substances to tissues. Currently there is no effective treatment for Arthritis in humans which is the leading cause of pain and disability in the United States. Cornell University in New York also performed a study on dogs and found results with clinical significance. 2mg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis. In this pharmacokinetics study there were no side effects reported. Once again cannabidiol(CBD) is more effective than NSAID’s causing 55% of the canine dogs to have adverse effects, especially in geriatric patients with certain comorbidities, such as gastrointestinal pathologies. The hypothesis of their study was in fact that CBD was able to safely reduce pain and increase activity in dogs with OA. This is possible through the endocannabinoid receptor system with its known role in pain modulation of inflammation.

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