The Pair Sativa and Indica


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The pair Sativa & Indica are two
500 to 1000mg Bottles! The pair Sativa & Indica are two 500mg Bottles! 1000mg total, Doctor reviewed and approved!

This is a great starter pack for those who would like CBD in the morning and at night.

This includes our Indica blend and Sativa blend. Both the Indica and Sativa have all the benefits of Our Daily Balance blend. With higher concentrations of the naturally occurring botanical terpenes, Limonene and Myrcene, or Pinene and Myrcene. Which helps promote relaxing sleep, relieve stress, or enhance focus and energy.

Great pricing and discounts! We can do this because we cultivate, extract, and formulate. Our company physician formulates the best possible CBD and terpene blends in Maryland on the East Coast. We are SEED to TABLE and we can prove it! Just call us and schedule a visit.


Orange, Lemon Maple, Natural Terpene


500, 1000


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